About Company

Projekts 3 Ltd is a designing company established on January 17, 2002 with aim to create a strong, competitive team of engineers in order to develop transportation infrastructure projects and related engineering communication projects. Over the last ten years, the company has developed an experienced and persistent team of employees, which includes certified engineers with various specializations.

The company has well developed collaboration with both public and private sector clients. SIA Projekts 3 Ltd has extensive experience in road, street, bridge, overpass and related engineering design. Over the years both public main road and bridge projects as well as local road and bridge projects have been developed. The company has been involved in development of feasibility study research projects.

Projekts3 Ltd has established close collaboration with both local and foreign associates thereby confirming qualification and professionalism of engineers. Also construction supervision of various infrastructure projects is covered by the company’s engineers.

Our company makes no distinction between construction projects according to their workload or complexity.

We value importance of satisfied client – road and bridge user.